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Patchnotes 2.0.10
Posted by overdriver on 08 March 2007 19:06
nog eens wa nieuws posten:

World of Warcraft Client Patch 2.0.10 (03/6/2007)

The latest patch notes can always be found at


* Some logic was fixed in the "Natural Remedies" quest so that Pathaleon the Calculator's Image will always spawn during the ritual.
* Goliathon and his shardlings can no longer be pulled to nearby areas that have guards.
* More fixes implemented in the "It's a Fel Reaver, But With Heart" quest to keep the Scrapped Fel Reaver from breaking.
* The Orb of the Blackwhelp and Hallowed Wands can no longer be used in combat, and the transformation will be canceled if the player receives damage.
* The Scrap Reaver in Netherstorm repairs reduced from 10,000 health to 8,500 health over 10 seconds.
* Battle of the Crimson Watch
o Illidari Mind Breaker has been weakened.
o Illidari Highlords can now be CC'ed but not Charmed.


* Arenas
o The cost of the "Gladiator's Slicer" has been increased to 2625 arena points.
o The cost of the "Gladiator's Quickblade" has been decreased to 1125 arena points and changed to offhand only.
o The cost of the "Gladiator's Cleaver" has been increased to 2625 arena points.
o The cost of the "Gladiator's Hacker" has been decreased to 1125 arena points and changed to offhand only.
o The cost of the "Gladiator's Pummeler" has been increased to 2625 arena points.
o The cost of the "Gladiator's Bonecracker" has been decreased to 1125 arena points and changed to offhand only.
o The cost of the "Gladiator's Right Ripper" has been increased to 2625 arena points.
o The cost of the "Gladiator's Left Ripper" has been decreased to 1125 arena points.
o The cost of the "Gladiator's Shanker" has been increased to 2625 arena points.
o The cost of the "Gladiator's Shiv" has been decreased to 1125 arena points and changed to offhand only.
o The cost of the "Gladiator's War Edge" has been decreased to 1000 arena points and the speed changed to 1.9.
o The cost of the "Gladiator's Spellblade" has been increased to 3150 arena points.
o The cost of the "Touch of Defeat" has been decreased to 1000 arena points.
o The cost of the "Gladiator's Endgame" has been decreased to 1125 arena points.
o The cost of the "Idol of Tenacity" has been decreased to 1000 arena points.
o The cost of the "Libram of Justice" has been decreased to 1000 arena points.
o The cost of the "totem of the Third Wind" has been decreased to 1000 arena points.


* When the duration of "Cyclone" ends, area buffs such as "Leader of the Pack", "Tree of Life", and "Moonkin" will now be correctly resumed.
* "Bear Form" now grants 25% increased stamina instead of 25% increased health.
* "Dire Bear Form" now grants 25% increased stamina instead of 25% increased health. In addition, the armor bonus has been reduced from 450% to 400%.
* The multiplier on base weapon damage for "Mangle (Bear)" ability has been changed from 130% to 100%. In addition, the bonus damage has been reduced by the same ratio.
* "Savage Fury" no longer affects "Mangle (Bear)".
* "Savage Fury" no longer applies to "Maul" or "Swipe".
* The critical damage bonus on "Predatory Instincts" reduced from 3/6/9/12/15% to 2/4/6/8/10%.
* "Improved Leader of the Pack" can no longer get critical heals.
* The armor bonus from "Moonkin Form" has been increased from 360% to 400% (to match Dire Bear Form).
* The rage normalization equation has been adjusted to grant more rage.


* Increased the chance Frozen effects are broken when the target is critically struck by a spell.


* The slowing affect from "Avenger's Shield" is now considered a snare, so snare removal and immunity affects will now work on it.


* The base healing percent from "Vampiric Embrace" has been reduced to 15% from 20%. In addition, this ability can no longer get critical heals.
* "Silent Resolve" no longer reduces threat generated by Shadow spells. - Tip: Herbalife: Afslanken en gezond eten
* Prayer of Mending now has a 10 second cooldown.
* Mass Dispel will now target immunity effects first.
* Circle of Healing mana cost reduced by 25%.
* The effectiveness of "Fade:Rank 7" has been increased by approximately 25%.
* The damage absorption of "Power Word: Shield" added by the caster's bonus healing has been increased to 20%.


* The clearcasting effect from "Elemental Focus" now triggers on all spell critical strikes, rather than a chance on any spell hit.
* The shaman will no longer generate additional threat when "Unleashed Rage" triggers.
* The free Lightning spell cast from "Lightning Overload" will now cause reduced threat.
* "Stoneclaw Totem" now has a 50% chance to stun attackers for 3 sec. when struck.
* The bonus of the "Wrath of Air" totem now applies to healing spells as well.


* "Demonic Tactics" now grants increased critical strike chance to you and your demon pet, instead of increased damage.


* The rage normalization equation has been adjusted to grant more rage. The typical warrior should see an increase of 15% to 20% in their rage generation.
* All warriors had their critical strike chance adjusted upward slightly (about 1%).
* "Thunder Clap" is now useable in Defensive Stance. In addition, the tooltip has been adjusted to indicate it causes additional threat.
* The cooldown on "Victory Rush" has been removed, and it can now be used up to 20 seconds after killing an enemy.
* "Unbridled Wrath" has been modified so that rather than a fixed chance to grant rage, it has an increased chance when using slower weapons.
* Increased the health bonus from "Commanding Shout" by 50%.
* "Improved Battle Shout" talent renamed to "Commanding Presence" and now increases the health bonus from "Commanding Shout" in addition to increasing the melee attack power from "Battle Shout".


* The threat generated from the spell effect on "Thunderfury" has been substantially reduced.
* The bonus to "Swipe" from the "Idol of Brutality" has been reduced from 50 to 10.
* "Alchemist's Stone" will no longer increase healing and mana gained from items which are not potions.
* The cost of sockets in high end items has been adjusted slightly, the result is that most high end epic items should see an increase in stats.
* Corrected many items that had incorrect stat values assigned to them.
* The rewards from the "Fel Embers" quest are now superior items as intended.
* Reduced the damage dealt by "The Lightning Capacitor".
* Corrected the level requirement of the "Fist of Reckoning".
* "Necklace of Trophies" has been corrected to increase Hit Rating instead of Hit Avoidance.
* "Burnoose of Shifting Ages" can now be disenchanted.
* "Nethershrike" now has the proper sell value and can be disenchanted.
* Corrected the level of "Marksman's Bow" to be in line with other epic reputation rewards.
* The "Marksman's Bow" now has the proper damage range.
* "Hourglass of the Unraveller" will now properly increase ranged attack power.
* Corrected the socket bonus for "Soul-Collar of the Incarnate".
* Corrected a typo in the set bonus of "Warbringer Armor".
* "Ruby Slippers" now properly have a cast time.
* Corrected the min use level of "Terokk's Shadowstaff".
* "Warpscale Leggings" have had their Crit Rating updated to the intended Dodge Rating.
* "Warmaul Slayer's Band" no longer has critical strike rating. However, its agility and attack power have been increased.
* "Ancient Draenei War Talisman" now shares a cooldown with all trinkets that temporarily increase damage done.
* "Ancient Draenei Arcane Relic" shares a cooldown with all trinkets that temporarily increase damage done.
* "Aldor Guardian Rifle" now has a range correctly set on it.
* The effect on "Void Star Talisman" was incorrectly set to On Use. It is now set to On Equip.
* The critical strike rating on "Cilice of Suffering" has been changed to spell critical strike rating.
* The cooldown for "Glimmering Mithril Insignia" has been increased from 10 minutes to 20 minutes.
* The slowing affect from the "Mug 'O Hurt" is now considered a snare, so snare removal and immunity affects will now work on it.
* The "Mark of Conquest" trinket now correctly triggers the mana regen effect.

Raids and Dungeons

* Creatures in Tempest Keep:Botanica, Tempest Keep: Mechanar, and Tempest Keep:Arcatraz no longer respawn as rapidly.
* Hellfire Citadel:Shattered Halls
o Removed a problematic chest.
o The "Resist Shadow" spell cast by Shadowmoon Acolyte's in Shattered Halls will now be removed if a player leaves the zone.
o Shattered Hand Gladiators will no longer break players' stealth when engaged in combat.
* Serpentshrine Cavern
o Boss creatures have received additional tuning and polish.
* Tempest Keep: Arcatraz
o Warder and Defender Corpses are now immune to spell effects that could cause the Protean Spawn to not spawn.
o Protean Spawn now deal less damage.
o The damage dealt by Wrath-Scryer Soccothrates' "Immolation" and "Knock Away" abilities has been reduced.
* Auchindoun: Shadow Labyrinth
o Cabal Zealots are now more threatening while under the effect of Shape of the Beast.
o Reduced the chance of a Cabal Assassin ambush.
* Tempest Keep: Botanica
o Sunseeker Gene-Splicers' Death and Decay now deals significantly less damage and casts less frequently.
o Mutate Fleshlashers now deal less melee damage.
o Mutate Horrors and Fear-Shriekers now have less health.
o Sunseeker Researchers will now cast shocks less frequently.
o Sunseeker Chemists are now Paladin type instead of Warrior type.
o The Blue Seedlings in the High Botanist Freywinn encounter now slow players instead of immobilizing them.
o High Botanist Freywinn will now plant seedlings at a slightly reduced rate.
* Tempest Keep: Mechanar
o Gatewatcher Iron-Hand now wields a Jackhammer.
o Gatewatcher Iron-Hand is now more vocal when perfoming his Jackhammer attack.
o Mechanar Drillers, Wreckers, and Crushers in Tempest Keep: The Mechanar may no longer be enslaved when in Heroic mode.
* Caverns of Time
o Captain Skarloc in Caverns of Time: Escape from Durnholde is no longer susceptible to disarm, and does not slow down when wounded.
o A defeat in the Caverns of Time: Opening of the Dark Portal instance will no longer despawn unlooted bosses with loot.
o Occasionally after players are defeated in the Caverns of Time: Opening of the Dark Portal encounter on Heroic difficulty, the placeholder versions of the bosses that appear in future attempts that day would not spawn. The proper placeholders will now spawn instead of Rift Lords and Rift Keepers.
o Boss creatures in Caverns of Time: Opening of the Dark Portal will now dispel all nearby Time Keepers instead of one at a time.
* Karazhan
o Maiden of Virtue's "Holy Wrath" has been slightly retuned to try and allow additional melee attackers to be used against her.
o Maiden of Virtue's "Holy Fire" has been adjusted to prevent a possible range exploit.
o Maiden of Virtue will no longer "Holy Fire" players under the effect of "Repentance".
o Midnight is no longer susceptible to Bleed effects, since he's a skeletal horse.
o Nightbane's Restless Skeletons are now immune to non-holy magical damage.
o Restless Skeletons no longer have immolation.
o Nightbane's Bone Shard Spray can no longer be interrupted by using an immunity effect.
o Some minor issues with the Library Tomes have been corrected.
o The use of Divine Shield, Ice Block, or Cloak of Shadows will no longer prematurely detonate the Shade of Aran's Flame Wreath.
o Restless Skeletons will now summon a player if they are unable to path to that player, and deal more melee damage.
o The cooldown of Bellowing Roar has been adjusted to be a more consistent value.

Bug Fixes

* Fixed the credits to display properly.

Patch Notes 2.0.6
Posted by Suna on 21 January 2007 14:51

"Silencing Shot" now does only 50% of weapon damage instead of 75%.
The base damage for "Arcane Shot" has been reduced by about 9% and the bonus damage from ranged attack power reduced from 20% to 15%.
The bonus damage for "Barrage" is now 4/8/12% for ranks 1/2/3.
The bonus damage for "Improved Barrage" is now 4/8/12% for ranks 1/2/3.


Each rank of "Improved Fireball" now reduces your spell damage coefficient by 2%.
Each rank of "Improved Frostbolt" now reduces your spell damage coefficient by 2%.
"Counterspell" no longer triggers the global cooldown.
"Mana Shield" now absorbs magical damage as well as physical damage.


The bonus coefficient for "Shadow Word: Pain" has been reduced by about 9%. This should result in about 5% less damage done by "Shadow Word: Pain" for the typical priest.

Bug Fixes

The "Frozen Shadoweave Boots" will now properly increase shadow damage.
Players will no longer lose control of their character if they tryto talk to an NPC while mobs are aggro on them.
The /equip command will now work on pieces of gear that are not in your primary bag.
Fixed an issue that was causing some players to disconnect in Hellfire Citadel:Blood Furnace.
The "Corruptor" 4 piece set bonus will now be properly applied.
The Legion Fel Cannons at Forge Camp Anger in Blades Edge will now properly spawn above ground.
The Arena queue tooltip will now show the arena that the player is queued for.
Fixed an error that was causing players to disconnect if they tried to socket a gem that had been gift wrapped.
Fixed an error that was causing players to disconnect forming a party with other members in the same area.
Pet icons will now properly update in the Stables window.Improved the robustness of the pet action bar display. It is now less likely to be accidentally blocked by addons.
Players will no longer hear the gong sound repeated after initially joining a queue for the battlegrounds.
Having a group invite declined while queued via "Looking for More" will no longer remove you from the queue.
Nethershards will no longer cost honor to purchase but will cost gold instead.
Players will no longer be given access to both quest lines followingthe Declaration of Allegiance to the Scryers or Aldor in Shattrath City.

16/01 Release van WoW: The burning crusade + Heropbouw van TFL
Posted by overdriver on 28 December 2006 10:40
Het is bijna zover ...

Street date set for the expansion to Blizzard Entertainment®'s massively multiplayer online role-playing game as subscriber base reaches 7.5 million players worldwide.

World of Warcraft®: The Burning Crusade™ ( , the highly anticipated expansion to the world's leading subscription-based massively multiplayer online role-playing game, World of Warcraft, will be in stores on January 16 in North America and Europe. The expansion will be available in a similar time frame in Korea, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore as well, and availability for mainland China and the regions of Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau will be announced in the near future. In addition, Blizzard today announced that the subscriber base for World of Warcraft has reached a new milestone, with 7.5 million players worldwide.

"While World of Warcraft has continued to grow rapidly along with its player population, The Burning Crusade will represent our single largest addition of new game content and new features to date," said Mike Morhaime, president and cofounder of Blizzard Entertainment. "With this expansion, we're looking forward to offering the same level of quality that players have experienced in World of Warcraft so far, and we'll continue balancing and play-testing up until launch to ensure that The Burning Crusade achieves that goal."

In World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade, players will be able to advance their characters up to level 70, unlocking a world of power and possibilities along the way. Additional features coming in The Burning Crusade include two new playable races (the Blood Elves and the Draenei), flying mounts, new talents and abilities for all character classes, the new jewelcrafting profession, new magical weapons and armor, and many enhancements to player-vs.-player action. The expansion will also lead veteran players through the fabled Dark Portal and into Outland, former homeworld of the Orcs and site of a series of cataclysmic events that helped shape the history of the Warcraft® universe. In this shattered world, players will encounter new challenges and dangers in the form of new outdoor zones, quests, dungeons, never-before-seen monsters, and much more. Over the course of their new adventures in The Burning Crusade, players will grow in experience and power as they uncover the rich lore and mysteries of Outland and do battle with the demonic forces of The Burning Legion.

World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade will be available at retail stores nationwide for Windows® 2000/XP and Macintosh® formats at a suggested retail price of $39.99. A special Collector's Edition of the expansion will also be available, at a suggested retail price of $69.99. This limited-edition package will include the expansion on both CD-ROM and DVD, the Art of the Burning Crusade coffee table book, an exclusive in-game pet, a behind-the-scenes DVD, a World of Warcraft Trading Card Game starter deck and exclusive cards, a map of Outland mouse pad, and the official soundtrack CD. The World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade expansion requires the original World of Warcraft game, which is now selling for a suggested retail price of $19.99. World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade has received a Teen rating from the ESRB.

For more information on World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade, please visit the official website for the expansion at

World of Warcraft's Customer Definition
World of Warcraft customers include individuals who have paid a subscription fee or purchased a prepaid card to play World of Warcraft, as well as those who have purchased the installation box bundled with one free month access. Internet Game Room players who have accessed the game over the last thirty days are also counted as customers. The above definition excludes all players under free promotional subscriptions, expired or cancelled subscriptions, and expired prepaid cards. Customers in licensees' territories are defined along the same rules.

About Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.
Best known for blockbuster hits including World of Warcraft® ( and the Warcraft® (, StarCraft® (, and Diablo® ( series, Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. (, a division of Vivendi Games, is a premier developer and publisher of entertainment software renowned for creating many of the industry's most critically acclaimed games. Blizzard's track record includes nine #1-selling games and multiple Game of the Year awards. The company's free Internet gaming service,®, reigns as the largest in the world, with millions of active users.

[bron: ]

Ook gaan we proberen TFL opnieuw op te bouwen (op stormscale, aliance side) zodat we net zoals 2jaar geleden gezellig tesamen kunnen levelen. Dit keer gaan we in de toekomst ook proberen te raiden, hopelijk zal dit mogelijk zijn nu dat de dungeon cap van 40 naar 25 spelers verminderd word. Indien je geïntresseerd bent laat hier [TFL memberlist (voor TBC)] iets weten.

GW: Return of the (Mad) King
Posted by TheFlemishLion on 26 October 2006 15:49
Het jaarlijkse Halloween event is terug op Guild Wars. Klik hier voor meer details van het event.

Mark your calendars for a five-day event, which begins at 12:01 a.m. PDT on October 27th and runs until 11:59 p.m. PST on October 31st. During the event, adventurers will notice that the Tyrian port of Lion's Arch, as well as the Elonian port of Kamadan, shine with an otherworldly glory befitting a king, especially a mad one! And as a special treat this year, the maniacal monarch himself has decided to grace both cities with his ghastly presence and will be rewarding his loyal subjects (and party participants) with prizes and a very special Halloween gift. Or is that gifts?

Verder zijn er blijkbaar al enkele Europese winkels die Guild Wars: Nightfall al verkopen. Daarvoor kun je er nu nog niet direct op spelen, want de servers zullen in de ochtend van vrijdag 27 oktober (morgen dus) online komen.

bron: Officiële Europese Guild Wars site

Verder zijn er ook nog een hoop aanpassingen. Zie hier.

Nightfall World Preview Event uitgesteld
Posted by TheFlemishLion on 22 September 2006 12:03
Wegens technische problemen zal het Nightfall World Preview Event, dat normaalgezien vanmorgen zou begonnen zijn, slechts op een tijdstip na 14u00 CET beginnen.

bron: Guild Wars Europe: Event Update


Guild Wars: Nightfall: Meet the Skills
Posted by TheFlemishLion on 20 September 2006 19:11
Gedurende de volgende 3 dagen zal er op de officiële Guild Wars site informatie over de nieuwe skills van Guild Wars Nightfall gepubliceerd worden. Veel is het wel niet.

Vandaag kun je op de Guild Wars Nightfall Skills Page lezen over enkele nieuwe skills voor de Mesmer profession, en enkele skills voor de twee nieuwe Nightfall professions: de Paragorn en de Dervish.

Op GuildWiki staat nu alle skill names voor Nightfall, en de informatie van elke individuele skill komt er bij naargelang ze bekend gemaakt worden. Dit weekend zouden we dus alle skills moeten kennen

bron: Meet the Skills Day #1

Guild Wars: Nightfall Account
Posted by TheFlemishLion on 20 September 2006 18:35
Op de Nightfall Access Key page staan de instructies om een Guild Wars Nightfall trial account aan te maken voor het Guild Wars Nightfall Preview Event dat dit weekend doorgaat tussen vrijdag 22 september om 9u01 en maandag 25 september om 8u59.

Iedereen kan zo'n account aanmaken. Indien je al een Guild Wars account hebt, dit is zowel een trial account van een vorig event of een normaal account, dan hoef je dit niet te doen, want je krijgt dan automatisch toegang tot de Nightfall content gedurende dat weekend. Maar het is wel nuttig ene aan te maken indien je al alle character slots bezet hebt en een nieuwe profession wilt testen.

Guild Wars Update
Posted by TheFlemishLion on 14 September 2006 18:56
Er is vandaag een nieuwe update gebeurd bij Guild Wars. Het introscherm is nu in Nightfall-setting.

De maps van de Catacombs, de Underworld, en Fissure of Woe zijn nu ook zichtbaar. Verder zijn er nog enkele balanceringen bij mobs en npc's. Ook Guild Battles zijn wat aangepast.

Met het nieuwe PvP-seizoen dat zal beginnen zijn skills van alle professions wat gebalenceerder. Vooral de 2 Factions professions, Assassin en Ritualist, zijn nu eens deftig aangepast.

Meer details in de update notes (zie bron) of op ons privaat Guild Wars forum.

bron: Guild Wars Game Update Notes

Wow: Priest talents & skills voor de expansion
Posted by overdriver on 13 September 2006 12:47

ziet er naar uit dat er vooral op PvP gefocussed is voor priests.
Alleen de hunter & druid talents/skills ontbreken nog

Nightfall World Preview Event aangekondigd
Posted by TheFlemishLion on 12 September 2006 21:48
Het Nightfall World Preview Event is vandaag aangekondigd. In dit event zal je op avontuur kunnen gaan in het nieuwe land, Elona, en je kan er ook PvP doen in de twee nieuwe arena's. Je zal ook nieuwe characters kunnen aanmaken om de nieuwe skills uit te testen, en ook de nieuwe professions.

Het event begint op vrijdag 22 september om 9u01 en zal doorgaan tot maandag 25 september om 8u59.

bron: Guild Wars Europe: Press Announcements

Double-Fun Weekend komt weer aan
Posted by TheFlemishLion on 07 September 2006 17:43
Dit weekend is er weer een Double-Fun Weekend op Guild Wars.

De drop rate voor alle experience scrolls zal verdubbeld zijn, plus ze zullen dubbel zolang blijven duren. Feitelijk alleen nuttig als je nieuwe characters begint, of voor Suvivor titel wilt gaan. Powerlevel Weekend zou volgens mij toch een betere naam zijn.

Zo'n scrolls kun je normaal ook nog voor een mooie prijs verkopen, dus iedereen is er wel iets mee, maar dat je hierdoor dubbel zoveel fun hebt is iets anders...

Het weekend begint vrijdag om 21u00 CET en eindigt maandag om 09u00 CET.

bron: Guild Wars Europe

Guild Wars: Nightfall: Prerelease Bonus Pack
Posted by TheFlemishLion on 07 September 2006 17:19
Er zijn meer detais beschikbaar over het Guild Wars: Nightfall prerelease bonus kit. Maar over de prijs en of als je het ervan terugbetaald zal krijgen bij aankoop van Nightfall hebben ze nog niks vrijgegeven.

Het komt dus op 15 september uit, dat wisten we al.

De 2 bonus items zijn:
  • Fiery Sunspear of Shelter (Fire Damage: 14–27 (requires 9 Spear Mastery), +5 Energy, +7 Armor vs. Physical Damage)
  • Icy Soulbreaker of Enchanting (Cold Damage: 9–41 (requires 9 Scythe Mastery), +15% damage while enchanted, Enchantments last 20% longer).

Deze zullen ingame voor mensen die het bonus pack niet hebben ook te bemachtigen zijn, aangezien ze geen unique items zijn.

Naast die twee items bevat het pakket nog:
  • Guild Wars "Play Now" key voor een 10-uur/14-dagen trial van Guild Wars Prophecies en Guild Wars Factions
  • Guild Wars Nightfall Bonus Key, dat een extra character slot biedt voor een Guild Wars Nightfall account, dus hieruit leidt ik af dat ge dit slot pas krijgt als ge Nightfall hebt, en dus nog anderhalve maand moogt wachten. Zo'n extra slot kun je ook zo kopen voor €8,99 in de Guild Wars shop.
  • Mini strategy guide, concept art, screenshots, in-game renders van characters en items, preview trailer, wallpapers, lore, quick reference card, muziek en nog meer


Guild Wars: PvP Unlock Packs
Posted by TheFlemishLion on 01 September 2006 13:50
In de Guild Wars Official Store, die sinds kort open is, kun je nu een PvP Unlock Pack kopen. Zo'n pack houdt in dat alle Prophecies skills unlocked zijn, zodat deze direct bij een PvP character gebruikt kunnen worden.

Er zijn 2 soorten:
  • Een PvP Unlock Pack om alle 70+ Prophecies skills voor een enkele profession te unlocken, kostprijs: €8.99
  • Een PvP Unlock Pack om alle 450+ Prophecies skills voor alle professions te unlocken, kostprijs: €35.99

Enerzijds is dit toch wel geldklopperij, het zijn allemaal dingen die men ingame kan unlocken. Maar anderzijds was er wel veel vraag achter deze mogelijkheid, en zullen er wel gelijkaardige accounts op ebay staan. En het bespaart sommige mensen wel het skill grinden, maar het is hoe dan ook wel makkelijk te verdienen geld...

Wat is het volgende? Een Outpost Unlock Pack zodat er geen Droknar Runs e.d. meer zijn?


Guild Wars: Nightfall: nieuwe screenshots
Posted by TheFlemishLion on 29 August 2006 18:03
Afgelopen weekend was er in Leipzig, Duitsland, een games conventie waar NCSoft aanwezig was om er de finales van de Guild Wars: Faction World Tournament te spelen, waarmee 100 000 dollar te verdienen was. De Koreaanse guild War Machine heeft gewonnen, de matchen hiervan kan men ingame bekijken via het observermenu.

Klik hier om op de officiële Guild Wars site meer te lezen over dat toernooi.

Verder heeft NCSoft nog hun Guild Wars: Nightfall voorgesteld., een Duitse site, heeft naast een interview (dat in het duits is, klik hier om het te lezen), ook nog concept art en nieuwe screenhots gekregen om op hun site te zetten: klik hier om de screenshots te zien en hier om de concept art te zien.

Guild Wars: Extra fame dit weekend in Heroes Ascent
Posted by TheFlemishLion on 29 August 2006 11:52
Sinds vandaag heeft Guild Wars hun nieuw weekend-event aangekondigt. Je kan extra fame verdienen in Heroes' Ascent, en slechts met 6 man idpv de normale 8. Goed voor mensen die een nieuwe emote willen vrijspelen

During our extended Labor Day weekend event, competition in Heroes Ascent will be even more rewarding! For the first time, participants will face off against each other in Heroes Ascent in smaller teams of six, earning double fame along the way! This exciting event start at Noon PDT on Friday, September 1st and runs for an extended time until Noon PDT on Tuesday, September 5th. Don't miss out on your chance to claim that extra fame!

Het event begint dus op 1 september om 21u00 CET en gaat door tot 5 september om 21u00 CET.

WoW: Burning Crusade spells and talents
Posted by GoldenPaladin on 29 August 2006 11:27
Blizzard heeft zojuist de nieuwe spells en Talents voor The Burning Crusade vrijgegeven.

This preview features all new spells, abilities and talents* that will be available to the mage, paladin, rogue, shaman, warlock, and warrior classes in the upcoming expansion.

De talents en spells kan je hier bekijken.

De nieuwe talents en spells van druids, hunters en priests zullen ze later vrijgeven.

Heroes of Might and Magic V: expansion!
Posted by GoldenPaladin on 27 August 2006 21:48
Een Russisch gamesmagazine genaamd "Igromania" heeft de eerste details gekregen over de expansion van HoMM V. Ze zijn van plan alle informatie vrij te geven in hun volgende editie van hun magazine.

Op deze site is er al iets vrijgegeven maar helaas is het allemaal russisch. Op een scan van een pagina staat dit:

... The main pride of the dwarven faction is not pet mammoths, and not their interesting skills or unique castle, but the completely new rune magic. Only dwarves can learn it. At the same time dwarves can use all other schools of magic. Rune magic is completely different from everything we're used to seeing in the Heroes series. For starters you need resources instead of mana in order to use it ...

De expansion zal dus zeker met dwarves en rune magic en nog veel meer zijn.

Guild Wars: Nightfall: Releasedate
Posted by TheFlemishLion on 27 August 2006 12:17
ArenaNet en NCsoft hebben deze week aangekondigd dat de wereldwijde releasedate van Nightfall, de tweede stand-alone expansion van Guild Wars, 27 oktober 2006 zal zijn. Er zal zowel een Standard Edition als een Collector's Edition uitkomen zoals bij Factions.

Nightfall speelt zich af op het continent Elona, land van de Gouden Zon, en gebaseerd op Noord-Afrika. Er zijn 2 nieuwe klassen:
  • de Dervish: gekapte heilige krijgers met een zeis waarmee ze meerdere vijanden tegelijk aankunnen, en nee, ze zijn niet weggelopen uit een of andere boerenkrijg want ze kunnen bovendien tijdelijk in de gedaante van een god veranderen.

  • de Paragon: een soort kruisvaarder in harnas die zijn zwaard kwijt is en nu met speren moet werpen, ze kunnen ook roepen op zijn teamgenoten om hen te boosten.

Verder zal er nog meer controle over de henchmen zijn, je zal ze instructies kunnen geven, en hun skills en equipment kiezen. Ze zullen samen levelen met je character, dus je kan ze bijna als pets beschouwen

In de media gallery van Guild Wars kun je screenshots en filmpjes bekijken van deze expansion.

Er is ook al een Prerelease Bonus Pack aangekondigd dat op 15 september 2006 zou verschijnen. Het zal vermoedelijk 15 euro kosten en je krijgt dan 15 euro korting bij aankoop van de game zelf als deze uit is. Daarnaast krijg je nog een key om een paar extra ingame items en 1 extra slot te unlocken.

WoW: Alliance krijgt shamans
Posted by ShadowHunt3r- on 22 July 2006 14:36
... en horde krijgt palas

In The Burning Crusade, Alliance players can play as Draenei shamans, while Horde players can play as Blood Elf paladins. Previously, players on either side weren't able to access those character classes; paladins were exclusive to the Alliance, while shamans were exclusive to the Horde. According to Blizzard, Horde paladins and Alliance shamans will have many of the same talents of their traditional counterparts, though they "will also enjoy some unique abilities to themselves, similar to the priest class' racial specialties." Since this new feature will fundamentally change the asymmetry between the game's two factions, it will presumably have a significant impact on the way the game is played, especially in competitive player-versus-player combat.

Volgens mij het stomste idee ooit, dit was juist iets dat de horde en de alliance van elkaar deed verschillen. En het warcraft verhaal klopt ook van geen kanten meer.

Guild Wars: Nightfall
Posted by Elminster on 18 July 2006 21:50
't 3de deel van guildwars wordt al aangekondigd

guild wars nightfall

ja, nacht, hoeveel hebde daarvoor moeten dokken?

Guild Wars: nie verschieten
Posted by Nightfall on 19 January 2006 19:24
GW heeft nen stevigen update ondergaan vandaag om zich klaar te maken op Chapter 2. Een nieuw startup scherm en nieuwe muziek. Nog wa nieuwen nieuwigheden. Nice

Guild Wars: Sneak Chapter 2
Posted by Nightfall on 10 January 2006 21:54
*play drums* Guild Wars heeft het weer geflikt. Na een lange periode beta voor iedereen (waar ik spijtig genoeg GW uit het oog verloren was tot het uitkwam), talloze kleine en grote patches, halloween en christmas events, ALLEMA GRATIS, komt er nu een sneak van Chapter 2. Gedurende een heel weekend zult ge kunnen proeven van de nieuwe professions. Gaile Grey (de griet die in-game de stand van zaken in de ontwikkeling van GW komt zeggen aan de gamers. Ze is nen link tussen Gamers en developers die ervoor zorgt da de devs weten wa de gamers zeggen en die de gamers op tijd en stond waterachtig maakt met nieuwigheden. HA! Da kan blizzard nog wa van leren )
anyway dees is een extract uit haar commentaar. Zo tezien staan er nog heel wa events te wachten
Wel een negatief punt. Er was eerst gezegt release 1ste kwart 2006 het is nu 2 de kwart mja

nieuwe Blackwing Lair Spells
Posted by overdriver on 01 July 2005 11:19
iemand heeft het volgende uit de nieuwe MPQ files gehaald, blizzard zei al dat het iligaal is om op die manier aan content te geraken en dat dit via het spel zelf moet gebeuren dus is het waarschijnlijk waar:


Blessing of the Black Book

Empowers your pet, increasing pet damage by 100% and increasing pet armor by 100%. This spell will only affect an Imp, Succubus, Voidwalker, or Felhunter.

Hunter ---

Arcane Infused

Infuses you with Arcane energy, causing your next Arcane Shot fired within 10 seconds to detonate at the target. The Arcane Detonation will deal 185 - 215 damage to enemies near the target.

Mage ----

Mind Quickening

Quickens the mind, increasing the Mage's casting speed by 25% for 20 seconds.

Druid ---
Metamorphosis Rune

Decreases the mana cost of all Druid shapeshifting forms by -100% for 20 seconds.
(Yeah thats pretty sad)

Priest ---

Gift of Life

Heals yourself for 15% of your maximum health, and increases your maximum health by 15% for 20 sec.

Rogue ---

Increases the chance to apply Rogue poisons to your target by 30% for 20 seconds.

Paladin ---

Blinding Light

Energizes a Paladin with light, increasing melee attack and spell casting speed by 25% for 20 seconds.

Shaman ---

Nature Aligned

Aligns the Shaman with nature, increasing spell damage by 20%, improving heal effects by 20%, and increasing mana cost of spells by 20%.

Warrior ---

Aegis of Preservation

Increases armor by 500, and heals 35 damage every time you take ranged or melee damage for 20 seconds.

The Battlegrounds have arrived!
Posted by overdriver on 07 June 2005 21:05
The Battlegrounds have arrived!
Daliniya, 08/06/2005
On Wednesday morning there will be an extended maintenance downtime due to the release of the latest patch which will include the long-awaited Battlegrounds. After this patch, players will be able to take on the opposing faction for control of Alterac Valley and Warsong Gulch. Much honor will be gained and many songs will be sung of those who are able to hold these grounds. Don’t miss your chance to make a mark on the world! Read more about Battlegrounds by checking this Press Release and the new Battlegrounds section of the Game Guide.

Para bellum!


Member data bijgewerkt
Posted by TheFlemishLion on 08 March 2005 14:36
De memberdata is gewijzigd, om praktische reden staan de profession nu voorlopig leeg, maar deze zijn terug te vinden in onze private fora. We zijn nog steeds op zoek naar een efficient systeem om de data up-to-date te houden.

De data is bijgewerkt door enkele snelle SQL-commando's, dus het kan zeer goed zijn dat het geslacht van je character verkeerd staan, indien dit zo is, gelieve het hier te melden zodat ik het kan bijwerken.

Aangezien er dagelijks leden bijkomen en soms inactieve characters weggesmeten worden kan het zijn dat deze niet exact hetzelfde is als die ingame, maar dit zijn maar kleine details.

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